The WhatsApp app is the world's largest consumer and has become one of the most important elements in daily communication, however, for several authors who have been demonstrating that it can be played. There have been a lot of features about Hows App security and the whole issue of explosion. Researchers from the Check Point Software Technologies have made it clear that WhatsApp can still be played, would you ask for a copy? Developers may create a false WhatsApp version and then change the responses that come from the messages that were discussed in the chat via WhatsApp. The report goes far further and says that those artists can change what is being answered or changed to the person who has sent the relevant message.

Owners are doing / what have they done to ensure safety against artists? 

The good thing is that the characters know something like that can happen and have been removing people who are using the WhatsApp version that was downloaded and the possibility of changing the message that was quoted is not weaknesses since the end-to-end encryption system is something that is highly trusted in the sense that it does not intervene. India is the world's most popular WhatsApp users defined to reach more than mil. 200 and mobile companies have been described to find ways to install applications for sending / receiving messages if misused.

Until now there is no statement of the message that has been discussed but its answers are irritating (dismissed) but it is advisable to take precautions and to recognize excuses when it occurs. Source: CNet
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