The 5 Best Websites To Make Money Online free / Earn money online via link shorter

The 5 Best Websites To Make Money Online free / 

Earn money online  via link shorter .

Assalaam-o-alikum dear readers of this blog as our two-dimensional offer in what we know today we talk about money while networks do not stay free as long as opportunities are available, today I've posted you the 5 best-selling websites in the world


The first network is that uses the convert to the shortcut short and when you distribute the link that is paid for this example is my YouTube link  it's them naicopy and go crash on the web addyou then naishirnk will change to if you  click on this link to send you to my YouTube but I'll be paid, click here to add add add comment. add / change this  link  from click 1000


Another is this shorten it's like an add me and yourself when you lose a long link and then shorten the link becomes short then you distribute these relatives paying from $ 4 to 7 per 1000 click to join them here


Another website is this linking fluid that also gives you the opportunity to earn 20% for someone who will subscribe through your link and you will pay for $ 5, also paying every 4 days if your money has reached $ 5, if you need to subscribe click


Linkbucks is also a network tap for your economy and your time spent in social networks and forums, open an account and then set the link then zishort as the network you need to distribute the links and begin to make money, these relatives pay from 3 to 10 dollars The little to give your money is $ 10 if you need to join them here at


In addition to all the networks around this world, they are more comfortable and payable, and they themselves pay from $ 4 to 10 for 1000 views. When you make a link through this network, you can spend enough money a day unless you make a new campaign for a month. just as much as you need to join them click here

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