About Me


Muhammad Ismail Blogger
  1. I Imdadulah khan am the one who is leading this blog, a student, Blogger, with a mission to help people through the knowledge I have.
  2. I started my online career back in 2017 from scratch without having anything in mind. But after digging in I came to know that blogging is something that is full of knowledge and learning new things.
  •  Some of hobbies and fact I’ve that I love:
  1. I originally belong to Swat.
  2. I love to Play with my computer all day.
  3. I love to help people and for that, I sit in front of my computer start looking for the new thing in Blogging and daily I discover new things. And I love to visit new places every day and that’s why got unfriended from most of my friend’s side.